Friday, May 13, 2016

Full Schedule or Full Heart?

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A Review on How to Be Here by Rob Bell, part 1 of 2

I just finished this book and definitely recommend it! Here's a quote that stood out to me:

"We were stressed, distracted, busy, feeling like life was passing us by. We had a full schedule, but not a full heart...We weren't taught how to be here, how to be fully present in this moment. How to not be distracted or stressed or worried or anxious, but just be here and nowhere else, wide awake to the infinite depth and dimension of this exact moment." (c45 @ 2:55)

This is my life, running from one thing to the next, stressed--just surviving. I don't want this.

I've been awakening to the realization this week that I will blink and my life will be over. What will I have to show for it? I think I'll look back and wish I had done more.

More loving and cherishing the people in my life.
More taking risks to bring what only I can bring to my world.
More braving wholeheartedness and vulnerability.
More pursuing my passions, the things that make me come alive in my core.

And we can't do more without doing less.

Less believing that getting my to do list done is more important than being present.
Less being afraid of failing if I color outside the lines.
Less holding back fearing I'm not lovable.
Less time chasing someone else's idea of the perfect life.

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